CHARMS - Residential Software

  • Collect and report upon information about client referrals and placements, with unlimited space to record unlimited case notes and daily recording.
  • Fully online. Anyone, with an internet connection can access client and carer records – as long as they have authorisation. Security is paramount and all information is protected.

No More Paper

  • Financial savings can be realised immediately. E.g. care provider stopped printing forms, log sheets, calendars etc. and dispensed with log books. Printing bill reduced from £450 per month to less than £100 per month.
  • Filing cabinets can be disposed of.
  • Space can be freed up.

Case Recording

  • Care Workers and seniors/managers can enter running records in seconds, with any internet connection.
  • Admin staff can manage reminders (DBSs/Police checks, reviews, assessments, medicals…) so that nothing is ever overlooked.
  • Managers and team leaders can monitor caseload and input file checks entirely electronically.
  • Care staff can go online to log incidents; complete daily diaries/logs; record medication administered
  • Handover sheets are a thing of the past. Each care worker coming on duty can see key events and outstanding tasks.
  • Stores photographs of clients. These can be printed on the record cards with key information e.g. if a young person is missing.
  • Full progress history of all associated events. Unlimited history for each record allows you to record all your work for each case,

Manage Home Records

  • Every event in relation to the home is recorded immediately, electronically using a PC, Laptop, Tablet or smartphone. These include
    • health and safety inspections,
    • fire alarm tests,
    • fire drills,
    • building insurance renewals,
    • television licence renewal,
    • update statement of purpose,
    • and even damage/repairs (with photos attached), (NB : a full list of “actions” is at Appendix A)
  • Maintenance staff can see a list of repairs required and record completion,
  • Log potential matches between client and homes and report on how many client have been offered to particular placements or from specific agencies,