CHARMS - Fostering Software

  • Collect and report upon information about children and families needing placement As well as current placements. With space to record unlimited case notes
  • Fully online. Anyone, with an internet connection can access children and carer records – as long as they have authorisation. Security is paramount and all information is protected.
  • Social Workers can enter running records in minutes, with any internet connection.
  • Admin staff can manage reminders (CRBs (DBSs)/Police checks, reviews, assessments, medicals…) so that nothing is ever overlooked.
  • Managers and social work team leaders can monitor caseload and input file checks entirely electronically.
  • Carers/prospective adopters can go online, from home, and complete application forms, log incidents; complete daily diaries/logs and even check their payment history.
  • Panel members may logon to view panel papers.
  • Form F Assessors may complete carer details directly in to CHARMS.
  • Duty/out of hours staff can access CHARMS whenever/wherever they need to.
  • All staff and carers can manage significant events and their outcomes.
  • Children and young people can logon to their own CHARMS area to record life story information, see key phone numbers, share their thoughts with carers, social workers and others.