CHARMS - Young Carers Software

  • Collect and report upon information about young carers and their and families, with space to record unlimited case notes.
  • Fully online. Anyone, with an internet connection can access young carers and carer records – as long as they have authorisation. Security is paramount and all information is protected.
  • Support staff can enter running records in seconds, with any internet connection.
  • Admin staff can manage reminders (counselling/support sessions, reviews, assessments, medicals…) so that nothing is ever overlooked.
  • Managers and team leaders can monitor caseload and input file checks entirely electronically.
  • Families can go online, from home, and complete application forms, log incidents and check progress.
  • Duty and home based staff can access CHARMS whenever/wherever they need to,
  • All staff and families can manage significant events and their outcomes,
  • Young carers can logon to their own CHARMS area to record life story information, see key phone numbers, share their thoughts with families, support staff and others..,
  • Standard letters/mail merge,
  • Manage waiting lists for services,
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting capabilities with option to create you own. These may be printed, previewed on screen, output to MS Excel, PDF, or Word files,
  • The CHARMS Outcomes Tracker tool allows agency staff/inspectors to see the child’s journey,
  • Duty Alerts – Progress actions recorded by the duty social worker are flagged up to office/admin staff to ensure any critical actions are not overlooked,