Who we are

Founded in 1996 by Jim Moores, Social Care Network Solutions Ltd (SCN) has been established as the foremost provider of case management solutions to the care provider community.
Jim worked in the Civil Service supporting the care community but felt there were better ways for independent providers to achieve success with their software. Jim set up the company, originally called Computing Help Ltd, which changed to CHL Systems Ltd, and now, finally, to SCN.
CHARMS™, our flagship product, took many years to create, and it is now the primary method of case management for providers in the UK. It is used to record everything that happens to, and by, supported children and adults.
Our current focus (2018/19) is on the security of data and the new General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). Not only does CHARMS™ secure the data it processes, it works hard to enable its customers to manage their data controller responsibilities easily and transparently.
CHARMS™ is the engine behind the adoption registers for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and more than 400 statutory and independent children's care providers, including Barnardo's and Action for Children.
For over 20 years our systems have provided easy-to-use, electronic case management systems for thousands of front line staff within Adoption, Fostering, Residential, Semi-Independence, Education, Shared Lives and Young Carer services in the United Kingdom.
As a business we are very much focussed on our customers and the community we work in, adult and child care services. We are working to change the structure of the company to become a social enterprise.
Our determination to ensure our community is involved in our business is shown by our commitment to provide entirely free services to the community to enable it to function securely, with information being shared as quickly as possible. This is demonstrated by the CHARMS™ Portal, which enables the independents and Local Authorities to securely exchange documents and drill down into live carer availability across the UK. There is currently an average of 7,000 users each day.
We are based in offices in Manchester, Heywood and London Stratford. Our customers are also in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.
If you would like any more information, or would like to send us some feedback, please use the enquiry form.
Jim Moores Managing Director

Jim Moores M.D.
SCN Founder