CHARMS - Supported Employment

Your Data – Always Safe, Always Available, Always At Your Fingertips

Working With Supported Employment Since 1999

Social Care Network has been working with the supported employment community since the late 1990s and offers the most mature, dedicated, secure, online system to manage case records in that setting. The website of the British Association for Supported Employment (BASE) tells us

“Supported Employment has been successfully used for decades as a model for supporting people with significant disabilities to secure and retain paid employment. The model uses a partnership strategy to enable people with disabilities to achieve sustainable long-term employment and businesses to employ valuable workers. Increasingly, supported employment techniques are being used to support other disadvantaged groups such as young people leaving care, ex-offenders and people recovering from drug and alcohol misuse.”

Everything In One Safe Place

With CHARMS all of the paperwork to manage people and employer records is in one place. All of your data is safe; backed up every half hour; and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

CHARMS Can Save Time – Find Any Information In Seconds

A recent survey of time spent managing electronic files and folders revealed that “More than 50% of office staff spend more time searching for files than on work”.

The Guardian newspaper, in an article in 2020, asked “Still filing your emails? Science says it's a waste of time”.

Word, Excel, PDF files are not a safe or efficient way of holding sensitive information. CHARMS is. CHARMS maintains a full audit trail of data changes and using the ground-breaking OMG (Online Mail Grabber) tool it takes just seconds to save emails, and attachments, from Outlook, Google Mail, or any other mail utility, into the relevant case record.

Every case record in CHARMS is unique and complete. Structured data mean that everything you need is at your fingertips, when you need it. And case history in the CHARMS “Progress” screens allow searches by type of activity, date, keyword(s).

Supporting People Into Employment and Sustained Employment

Create a vocational profile in CHARMS, identify barriers to employment, match people to employers based on the skills the people have, and the skills employers are looking for.

Canvassing employers, and making sure they are followed up, is easy in CHARMS. The built-in system diary will remind you.

Nothing is lost or misplaced – it's all always there.

The struggle to generate management information is therefore a thing of the past. You can easily see:

  • Percentage of people commencing a vocational profile that achieve a paid job outcome
  • Average time from initial meeting to job start
  • Employer average satisfaction ratings
  • Jobseeker/employee average satisfaction ratings
  • Percentage of people starting work who sustain paid work for 6 months