GDPR and Social Care Organisations

For all organisations in the UK that are concerned with the care of others, GDPR is going to have an impact on how personal information is stored, retained and managed.

Processing Personal Information

You should ask yourself a few questions to establish whether you should consider a change to the way you store data.

  • Do you use unstructured data stores like Microsoft Excel, or Word files to store personal information?
  • Is your data stored locally, in your office, on your own computers or server?
  • Is it simple to assign permission to see data on a need-to-see basis?
  • Do you know who last looked at a given piece of data?
  • Have you implemented a process for data deletion on demand?
  • Are you able to tell someone exactly what data you hold on them, and why?

Addressing GDPR - Simply

If you are a data controller and you store personal information, you can make your GDPR planning an awful lot simpler by asking a professional, experienced data processing company to manage the processing and storage for you.

CHARMS(TM) and GDPR - The Data Solution

CHARMS(TM) is the leading Case Management Software in the Social Care environment. Our community of users includes Adoption, Fostering and Residential Care providers. We also assist organisations involved in Semi-Independence, Education, Shared Lives, Young Carers, Nurseries, and many, many more. We are also the software behind the National Adoption Registers of all the home countries in the UK.

We are helping hundreds of organisations ensure they are prepared for GDPR by taking care, securely, of the processing of all their users' personal information, and ensuring it is secured at rest. With user access control at the same strength as a bank and finely grained permission control, your organisation can also accelerate its compliancy simply and easily.

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Here is the link to the Data Protection Bill (GDPR) currently going through Parliament.