June 2013 : Young Foundations Fostering are getting CHARMS

News ID: 305

We are very pleased indeed that Young Foundations Fostering have decided to place an order for CHARMS. After very careful consideration of the systems available Young Foundations chose CHARMS in recognition of its position as market leader in the UK and of the wealth of functions which meet all of the operational needs of a busy fostering and residential agency. We would like to thank the team at Young Foundations for choosing CHARMS and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


May 2013 - Ansacare Fostering are delighted to get CHARMS

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We are very pleased to announce that Ansacare Fostering, a growing, independent fostering agency based in the heart of Croydon, have made the decision to go with CHARMS.
CHARMS has been chosen by the team at Ansacare as they recognised that as the market leader, with a core focus on data security and protection, it was the only real choice for an agency which wants to use the best tools available.


Apr 2013 - Safehouses North say yes to CHARMS

News ID: 297

We are very pleased to announce that Safehouse North, an established fosterning agency based in Denshaw, Oldham in the North West of England, have made the decision to implement CHARMS. The Contract will soon be signed and our hghly refined implementation process will see the Business Analysis done, data import complete, and ALL staff trained in line with their individual needs. Our Managing Director, Jim Moores, had a thoroughly enjoyable demo session, on 12th April,with Louise, Tony and Pam and only a couple of weeks later the decision was made to go with CHARMS. We are really looking forward to welcoming all of the Safehouses North Team to CHARMS.


Apr 2013 : CHARMS version 10.06.02 is released

News ID: 299

Version 10.06.02 of CHARMS is now rolled out across our family of users and the reaction has been incredible. The new Dashboard has proved to be very popular indeed and it has elicited such comments as : “..I'm incredibly impressed with the Dyslexia theme on the dashboard, I've never seen this before on any site and I think it's great…” and "... I was about to create my own data audit reports but the Health Check has saved me the effort." The enhanced, secure HR system is also a feature which will save our customers the effort of maintaining separate systems to manage staff records and many are implementing it. And everyone loves the full-featured carer training module which allows users to create Course dates; book carers on quickly and easily; manage non-attendance and cancellations; print delgates lists and cerificates and more.


Apr 2013 - Orchard Care are delighted to confirm the purchase of CHARMS

News ID: 298

Great news! Orchard Care say Yes to CHARMS. We would like to say a big thank you to Sarah and Maria (and to all the staff at Orchard Care) for giving us the opportunity to implement CHARMS. The Business Analysis day is booked and the project will be underway in a matter of weeks. Hooray!


Mar 2013 : Kindercare sign up with CHARMS

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We are very pleased to announce that Kindercare Fostering have now signed up with CHARMS. The project is underway an we are booking dates in for training and go live this Summer. Thank you to everyone at Kindercare for choosing the market leading system for independent adoption and fostering in the UK.


March 2013 – Family Matters announce the purchase of CHARMS

News ID: 296

Antony Meade, Managing Director, Family Matters Fostering Ltd is pleased to announce the purchase of CHARMS – the most widely used Fostering database system in the UK. After careful consideration and extensive research Family Matters decided that CHARMS was the best system to help manage carer recruitment, training, approval and placements of children. Antony Meade said : "We are very pleased with the effect that adopting this software has had on our ability to centralise our data administration and access for our regional staff.We have been let down by fostering software suppliers and their promises in the past, but SCN have delivered on time, in budget and as described, and the support has been better than any other that we have had.I used to design and write software for commercial applications myself and this is the closest to what I would have produced, if I had the time."
Jim Moores, Managing Director, SCN said: ‘Another important customer for Social Care Network (formerly Computing Help Ltd.). CHARMS continues to increase its customer base across the UK. It is now widely recognised that CHARMS works equally well in all children and young people's provision - fostering, adoption, residential. It is with considerable pride that we share this announcement with Family Matters – an established independent fostering agency. The installation and training are now complete (March 2013) and the Team at SCN are delighted to be working with Family Matters. We are sure it will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship‘ Notes for Editors :
Family Matters Fostering Ltd is an independent fostering agency founded in 2000.It is based on the principle that by taking good care of foster carers they, in turn, can provide excellent care for the children placed with them.
For more information contact … Simon Newstone on 01303 210029
For over 15 years SCN’s systems have provided the information tools for thousands of staff on the front line of social care. Every day, those same staff rely on our systems to manage caseload and to evidence the services they provide to all groups of clients in the care sector. CHARMS is now the UK’s favourite, web based adoption and fostering system with more than 115 agencies as customers. SCN has a professional team of 10 software analyst/developers with a combined 150 years of experience, supported by 15 training staff, social care consultants and support staff who are there, every day to respond to customers’ needs. For more information please visit http://www.chl-systems.co.uk/ or call 0161 237 1872


Mar 2013 : Simply Fostering now using CHARMS

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We are very pleased that Simply Fostering have decided to take advantage of the high levels of security offered by CHARMS to manage their prospective foster carer enquiries. Using a new, secure online form enquiries are "sent" straight to CHARMS and are then referred to Indepependent Fostering Agency subscribers.


Feb 2013 : Moments Fostering sign up for CHARMS

News ID: 295

We are very pleased to announce that Moments Fostering have signed up with CHARMS. The Licence is signed and the Business Analysis took place on 14/2/2013. Our thanks to everyone at the Business AnalysisDay: Daniel, Sarah, Laura, Nicki andBrendan and everyone at Moments for choosing CHARMS.


Dec 2012 : CareTech opt for CHARMS case recording software

News ID: 294

CareTech have recently decided to roll CHARMS across the group.
Everyone is looking forward to being up and running by Christmas