Jun 2014 : Ascent Fostering are getting CHARMS

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Brilliant news, Ascent Fostering are now having CHARMS.


Jun 2014 : Regional Fostering Services are having CHARMS

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Regional Fostering Services are now a member of the CHARMS community. We are delighted that Regional Fostering Services have chosen CHARMS and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Remember - use our support number 0161 237 1872 to chat about issues or just to chat.


May 2014 : Fantastic news, Ascent Fostering are having CHARMS

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We are very pleased to announce that Ascent Fostering have agreed to proceed with CHARMS. After a very enjoyable demonstration on 15th May 2014 and following brief discussions the paperwork is being exchanged and CHARMS will soon be up and running. CHARMS is now officially the market leader for the independent fostering, adoption and residential children's community in the UK and we are excited about working with the team at Ascent Fostering as a new member of the CHARMS community. Jim Moores, MD


May 2014 : Own Life Fostering join the CHARMS community

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Another great day as Own Life Fostering announce that they are to join the CHARMS community. Our thanks to all the team at Own Life Fostering for deciding that CHARMS is the system for them. We are all looking forward to getting CHARMS up and running in the coming weeks and months. Jim Moores, MD


May 2014 : CHARMS 2014 Upgrade gets rave reviews

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Thank you to all of our customers - the reaction to CHARMS version 10.06.10 has been fantastic. David Edwards, Registered Manager at Three Circles Fostering said : "I would like to praise the excellent computer support your service provides. Every time I contact your office I am treated with respect and your team help instantly. I would like to name Rick and Kevin especially who have helped me recently. " We are upgrading every customer to version 10.06.10 right now. If you would like to chat with us about this release please feel free to ring us on 0161 237 1872. Some of the key new features are :
1.&Digital “signatures”.Users have a new buttons to digitally "sign" each Progress item. A social worker may enter Supervision notes directly in to CHARMS and then make the item visible to the foster carer on the click of a button. The foster carer can logon and may click the "verify" button to indicate that they have read and agree the notes. No more paper or unsafe email exchanges..

2.&CHARMS now allows users to link items. E.g. if there is a complaint that would be added as a progress item. Any other actions e.g. “Complaint Acknowledged” would be added as
separate progress items but you could then click theitem to the original complaint. The same would be used for safeguarding incidents. 3.&When you add a progress item. CHARMS can be set to pre-populate a set of questions in the notes box. You will be able to set your own questions/headings against every Action in the lookup list. 4.&You can do SMS text messages to whole groups of carers e.g. to invite all approved carers to an event. 5.&The carer daily log screens have been improved and simplified to stop carers overwriting records. The logs are now also visible against the child and social workers can verify the logs and add their own comments for the attention of foster carers. 6.&You can upload company policy docs and make them visible to carers. No need to send any papers to them. 7.Reports (custom queries) are now permission based so certain reports (e.g. staff lists) can only be viewed by authorised people. 8.The Manage Staff area is now enhanced so that only business owners/managers can see all details and can control what other staff see. And all of this has been developed to make sure that your data, hosted in the UK, is as safe as possible and is accessible where you need it and when you need it.


May 2014 : OMG2 is launched - Email to Case Notes in Seconds

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OMG2 is now available. With OMG2 you can view your emails, inside CHARMS, and in a matter of seconds save the complete email, with attachments, to the relevant carer or child record. In the words of one satisfied customer - form Park Foster Care - 'That’s genius that is. Will save a lot of time.'
If you have not purchased OMG2 yet give your account manager a call on 0161 237 1872 and we will be happy to discuss it.


Apr 2014 : Welcome to Perpetual Fostering

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Brilliant news, Perpetual Fostering - a fast growing, Bolton based agency, have decided that CHARMS is the best system around and are our latest customer. This takes CHARMS way ahead of all of the competition combined and we have more than half of all independent fostering agencies in the UK. In the last year alone another 40 independent and statutory fostering and adoption agencies have recognised the benefits of CHARMS. I would like to thank Joanne and all the team at Perpetual for seeingme this week and for deciding to put their trust in CHARMS. Jim Moores, MD


Mar 2014 : Ethelbert Fostering Services go with CHARMS

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Great news, Ethelbert Fostering Services has decided that CHARMS is the system for them. We are very pleased that CHARMS has been seen, yet again, as the best system to use in the fostering community. Our thanks go to all the team at Ethelbert for deciding to work with CHARMS. Half of all independent fostering agencies in the UK now use CHARMS and we are working very hard to make sure that it meets the current and changing needs of the community. Jim Moores, MD


Mar 2014 : Ideal Fostering are getting CHARMS

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Fantastic news! Ideal Fostering have chosen CHARMS above all other systems available to the fostering community. As with every implementation, the Business Analysis Day is booked and we are all looking forward to helping Ideal Fostering to get the most out of CHARMS. Ideal Fostering (IF) is an Independent Fostering Agency, based in the heart of Birmingham, providing family based high quality care for Children and Young People. IF is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for looked after children. IF is committed and focused on the placement needs of children and young people. Thank you to everyone at Ideal Fostering for putting your trust in CHARMS. Jim Moores, MD


Mar 2014 : Coram Adoption Services are going with CHARMS

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Great news, Coram Adoption Services have agreed to go with CHARMS. The process of implementation starts now and we are very much looking forward to helping Coram with CHARMS. Jim Moores, MD. Social Care Network