June 2011 - Safehouses agree that CHARMS is for them

News ID: 261

Kentbased agencySafehouses are to use CHARMS to manage theadministration of theircarer recruitment and child referral procedures. After a very enjoyable demo and a very productive business analysis it was agreed to go live in July 2011. The date is set and everyone is looking forward to Diane and Ged running the training. If you would like information about CHARMS, please call CHL on 0161 237 1872 or email us at info@chl-systems.co.uk


April 2011 Welcome Foster Care place their Faith in CHARMS

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CHL are delighted to announce that Welcome Foster Care have chosen CHARMS as the database to manage their referrals, enquiries and placements. After a recent demonstration, followed by a valuable business analysis session, things are progressing, so that theycan enjoy thebenefits of CHARMS at the earliest possible opportunity.A further planning meeting will take place in early May, leading to full implementation and training in June,Welcome Foster Care will then havea bespoke system, developed over severalyears, that will streamline their administration processes and facilitate compliance withstatutory requirements. Having met the staff at their East London offices,Diane Hamilton, CHL's South East Systems Consultant, said, "I am very much looking forward to working with Welcome Foster Care on this project as everyone is so positive and eagertostart using CHARMS" CHARMS is the most widely used fostering system in the UK. For more information please call 0161 237 1872,


April 2011 Family Fostercare opt for CHARMS after second demo

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At the conclusion ofa second demonstration of CHARMS at their Malvern office, Family Fostercare chose to go ahead with CHARMS, which will provide the necessary database tomanage their unique franchise business, Agencies and foster carers can operate under the franchise name with the support of Family Fostercare. A business anaysis day has been set for 5th May 2011 after which plans will be made for the system implementation and training. CHL Managing Director, Jim Moores, was "delighted" with the attitude and quick response of Family Fostercare and is "very pleased" that they have selected CHARMS to meettheir software needs as they move the busiiness forward.


April 2011 CHL Welcome Excel Fostering to the CHARMS Family

News ID: 259

Lancashire based agency, Excel Fostering are to use CHARMS to manage theadministration of theircarer recruitment and child referral procedures. A beneficial business analysis day at their offices inSt Anne's in early April haspaved the way for the data import and eventual implementation of CHL's market leading fostering software system. Training dates are to be arranged to enable staff at Excel to begin to enjoy the benefits of using CHARMS on a day to day basis and for management information reports. If you would like information about CHARMS, please call CHL on 0161 237 1872 or email us at info@chl-systems.co.uk


Mar 2011 Children First Fostering Agency Go Live with CHARMS Online

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The Implementation of CHARMS Onlinehas been carried out at Children First Fostering's Basildon office during the week commencing 14th March 2011. A team from CHLdelivered training to all staff, including social workers based at Bedford, enabling the agency to take a step forward in the way they record referrals, new enquiries, placementsand all associated events. The newly installed software will also facilitatetheir reporting and statistics production. Further site visits from CHL officerswill take place over the next few weeks, to ensure that the fostering databaseis runningsmoothly and that all the staff at Children First are making the most of the system now at their disposal.


Mar 2011 : Safehouses Fostering are now part of the CHARMS family

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We are pleased to announce that Safehouses have agreed to proceed with CHARMS. After a very enjoyable meeting and demonstration Safehouses has decided that CHARMS Online is the system for them. CHARMS is the most widely used fostering system in the UK. For more information please call 0161 237 1872,


The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011

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To help you to comply with the “The Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011” CHL has created a Policies section ofCHARMS and has already incorporated a “Statement of Purpose” and “Children’s Guide” area, which you may keep up-to-date and, with CHL’s help, automatically update your website. The Regulations now instruct agencies as follows : ‘The fostering service provider must provide a copy of the statement of purpose to the Chief Inspector, place a copy on their website (if they have one)…’ With our help you mayauto-update your websiteand you can be sure that the Statement of Purpose and Children’s Guide are always up-to-date. And of course CHARMS stores all of the details required under the legislation with regard to the keeping of records on staff, carers and children. For more information on how CHARMS can help you to manage children and carer records in accordance with the Regulations please contact Jim Moores on 0161 237 1872.


Dec 2010 : St Christopher's Fellowship opt for CHARMS

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CHL are delighted to announce that St Christopher's Fellowship have chosen CHARMS as the software solution tomanage their wide variety of services, whichinclude foster and residential care,help for young people in supported housing and assistance for those in need of support in their education. The system implementation is to commence in January 2011,following a business analysis work. Once installation is complete and training delivered,admin staff, social workers and management will be able toenjoy the many benefits of using CHARMS. If you are interested in finding out more about CHARMS, please call 0161 237 1872 oremail info@chl-systems.co.uk.


Dec 2010 : North Wales Adoption Service choose to add LETTERBOX to CHARMS

News ID: 249

North Wales Adoption Service have recently made the decision to add the LETTERBOX module to their CHARMS Adoption Management System. Letterbox will assiststaffin managingthe process wherebybirth relatives and adoptive parentsstay in contact by exchanging written information. In the past it was believed that adopted children needed a "clean break", and all ties with their birth family were cut. It is now agreed that many children benefit from a more open attitude towards adoption and the Letterbox service was set up in recognition of this. We at CHL are delighted that our ongoing working relationship with North Wales Adoption Service will be extended by the addition of this module.


Dec 2010 : BAAF in Scotland go with CHARMS

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Great News! BAAF in Scotland recently reached thedecision to have CHARMS installed as their Adoption & Fostering Management system. CHL are very much looking forward to what we hope will be a long and successfulworking relationship. Implementation dates are being finalised and it is anticipated that it will commencein early 2011 at BAAF's offices in the wonderful City of Edinburgh, once the snow has cleared, of course!