Dec 2010 : Capstone Fostercare get CHARMS

News ID: 247

We are delighted to announce that Capstone Foster Care have chosen to go with CHARMS. The implementation process is underway and an on sitebusiness analysis dayhas been carried out. It is anticipated that by the end of February 2011, all staff at offices across London, the South East, the South West and the West Midlands will have received training and the sytem will go live. Jim Moores, Managing Director at CHL said : "I am particularlyexcited about this project and my thanks go to Richard and the team at Capstone Foster Care for choosing to enter intopartnership with CHL.I am confident that onceCHARMS is embedded at Capstone, it will prove to be a vital component in their ongoing success.


Dec 2010 : CHARMS for Children First

News ID: 246

We are very pleased to announce that early in the new year we will be implementing CHARMS for Children First Fostering Agency. After careful consideration it was decided that CHARMS was the best system to manage children and carer records. We are looking forward to the implementation in Bedford and Basildon.


Nov 2010 : Ofsted Outstanding: Fostering Solutions

News ID: 244

Ofsted have declared Fostering Solutions Outstanding . The inspection took place in September 2010 and the report was released in November.


Nov 2010 - CHARMS for Eden Foster Care

News ID: 239

During the course of free, informal demonstration of CHARMS at the offices of Eden Foster Care on 2/11/2010 the deal was done. Installation and training is set for the first week of December... Thank you to Isma, Lisa and the team for a very entertaining morning and for putting their faith in CHARMS. We look forward to a long and productive relationship.


Oct 2010 : Outstanding - Fostering Outcomes

News ID: 237

Fostering Outcomes, an important user of CHARMS, has achieved an Outstanding rating in its latest Ofsted inspection.


Oct 2010 : PACT decide to move to CHARMS Online

News ID: 234

Great news - PACT (Parents And Children Together) have placed an order for CHARMS Online. PACT are one of the longest standing users of CHARMS - since 2002 - and we at CHL are proud to have been associated with an organisation with such a history in the care of children. PACT have now asked us to implement CHARMS Online for them so that social workers and other staff may access important records, securely and quickly from anywhere. This means that contact recording can be done immediately. The CHL team are just making arrangements for the upgrade…


Oct 2010 : CHARMS does everything

News ID: 236

CHARMS is now the COMPLETE children's services system - - Adoption, - Fostering, - Post adoption support, - Residential, - Letterbox, - Ofsted dataset, - Indivdiual Outcomes tracker - Adoption Allowances management, - Carer Training, - Referral Management (ERGO), - Child Protection… And through CHARMS Online : • Social Workers can enter running records in minutes, with any internet connection.

• Admin staff can manage reminders (CRBs, reviews, assessments, medicals…) so that nothing is ever overlooked.

• Managers and social work team leaders can monitor caseload and input file checks entirely electronically.

• And, carers can go online, from home, and log incidents; complete diaries and even check their review history. For more information ring 0161 237 1872 or email Jim Moores.


Sep 2010 : Anglia Fostering get CHARMS-Ofsted

News ID: 233

Great news great news, Anglia Fostering now have the ground-breaking FiveOutcomes and CHARMS-Ofsted systems. After a most productrive couple of days (29th and 30th September 2010) CHL's MD, Jim Moores, can report that Anglia Fostering have joined that august body of organisations who may now take advantage of these marvellous additions to CHL's portfolio of systems for children's and young people's services. For more information contact CHL on 0161 2376 1872.


Sep 2010 : Advanced Childcare agree CHARMS

News ID: 232

We are pleased to announce thatAdvanced Childcarehave chosen CHARMS to help manage their important children and carer records.

CHARMS is fully online and is surging ahead as the foremost, dedicated adoption and fostering system in the UK.

In the last year more than 20 agencies have come on board.

Jim Moores, Managing Director at CHL said :

"I am delighted that Advanced Childcare have chosen CHARMS. We are just in the process of agreeing an implementation plan and look forward to another successful CHARMS project."


Sep 2010 : ASSET - the Voluntary Sector system

News ID: 231

We at CHL are pleased to announce that ASSET Online may now be purchased by Voluntary Sector organisations for as little as £50 per month. NO setup costs, just a monthly charge. And no long-term contract. When you sign up for ASSET Online you may use it for as long as you pay the monthly subscription... Not only that but you could be up and running with one of the most widely used disability services systems within hours. ASSET Online is THE complete client (service user) management system. It is fast becoming the software of choice for the voluntary sector. ASSET manages all client details, contact information, outcomes, costs and all associated documents. Beacause it is fully online users may access client records from anywhere with an internet connection. It is completely secure - using a high degree of encryption - and nothing is ever kept on the user's computer. ASSET has been helping organisations in the charitable and voluntary sectors for more than 10 years and we are proud that ASSET has such customers as : - Royal London Society for the Blind - Royal British Legion Industries - Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind, - Mencap Leeds - Barrowmore For more information or to gain access to the full ASSET Online demo please ring 0161 237 1872 or email