July 2009 : Foster Care Solutions get CHARMS

News ID: 208

We are pleased to announce that Foster Care Solutions have purchased CHARMS. Click on the logo above to find out more about Foster Care Solutions. The Fostering environment is changing and, like other forward thinking Independent Fostering Agencies, Foster Care Solutions recognise that you must be able to put your hands on accurate information at a moments notice. Ofsted, DCSF and Purchasers may also want to know about their looked after children or about the agency's track record. CHARMS delivers all of those information needs. For more information about CHARMS clich here.


July 2009 : Blue Sky Fostering get CHARMS

News ID: 209

We would like to thank Blue Sky Fostering for giving CHL the chance to show them how CHARMS can be of benefit to their organisation. After careful consideration Blue Sky Fostering have purchased CHARMS to help manage all of their children and carer records. They have opted to let CHL (using a managed server at ZEN Internet) host their data securely and with guaranteed 24 hour uptime. This means that all Blue Sky staff can access children and carer records online -with complete security and integrity - from any computer with internet access. Nothing is held locally on PCs or laptops. CHARMS implments 128 bit encryption and triple factor authentication so that only properly authorised users can access the records. CHARMS Online has now been in continuation operation for more than 5 years - without a single days downtime. The same system is used by the Adoption Register for England and Wales, by Adoption22 and by many Fostering and Adoption agencies. For more information about CHARMS click here. For more information about Blue Sky Fostering please click the logo above. CHARMS - complete Foster Care software, CHARMS - complete Fostering software.


May 2009 : FamilyPlacement.com and CHARMS

News ID: 205

We are very pleased to announce that Andy Clipson of Familyplacement.com has confirmed that they are to go ahead with CHARMS. You can find out more about familyplacement.com at www.familyplacement.com. CHARMS is the most widely used, web based (and networked) fostering software in the UK. CHARMS has been in active use for more than 12 years and CHARMS Online has been used by agencies across the UK for more than 5 years. When you but CHARMS you get support from a hugely experienced team based here in the UK. CHARMS was designed, over many years, specifically for the fostering and adoption community. If you would like to find out more please feel free to ring us on 0870 112 0421 and ask for Jim Moores, or email jim.moores@chl-systems.co.uk.


Apr 2009 : Fostering Outcomes get 5Outcomes

News ID: 204

CHL's unique, ground-breaking 5Outcomes system is now up and running at Fostering Outcomes. On 21/4/2009 CHL's Jim Moores and Mark Collins spent the day with Rob Brennan, Bob Hudson and Martin Gilboy at Fostering Outcomes. After installing 5Outcomes we ran through its main features and Fostering Outcomes can now take full advantage of its ease of use. 5Outcomes links to the Children records in CHARMS and allows the user to record progress against the full set of questions in Schedule 3 of the National Framework Contract for Independent Fostering Agency placements. CHARMS is fast becoming the fostering software of choice for Independent Fostering Agencies and Local Authority fostering services. Likewise, CHARMS is fast becomingthe most widely used adoption software in the UK. CHARMS is fully web based and can be used in any type of computer environment. Our thanks to Fostering Outcomes for choosing 5Outcomes.


Apr 2009 : More CHARMS success - Diverse Care

News ID: 203

Jim Harris of Diverse Care has confirmed that they are the latest independent foster care provider to join the CHARMS group of users. Diverse Care operates from Unit 309, 183A Harrow Road, London, E11 3PX and are looking to get up and running with CHARMS by early May 2009. Our thanks to Jim Harris and the team for choosing CHL and CHARMS.


Apr 2009 : Barrowmore get ASSET

News ID: 202

CHL is pleased to announce that Barrowmore are soon to join the family of ASSET users. ASSET is the most widely used supported employment software in the UK. As well as delivering, every day, for supported employment agencies and workshops ASSET also manages Workstep, Workprep and Pathways delivery. All of your monthly returns can be generated on the click of a button. For more information just ring 0161 237 1872 or use the contact form provided on the contact us page.


Apr 2009 : CHARMS and the Adoption Register

News ID: 201

We are pleased to announce that CHARMS has been selected, again, to help run the Adoption Register for England and Wales. DCSF has announced that, following contract negotiations, the intention is to enter into a contract with the British Association for Adoption and Fostering to operate the Adoption Register from 1 April 2009. As a result, CHL is entering into a new back to back agreement to provide CHARMS as the database engine behind the Register for the next three years, at least. This will mean that by 2012 CHARMS will have been the adoption software of choice for the Register for more than 10 years. Since the Register began using CHARMS in 2001 it has not suffered a single system failure. It was delivered on time and on budget, and continues to deliver every day, 365 days a year. CHARMS is now fully online and is one of the longest established, national online adoption and fostering systems in the world. CHARMS Online is used by many agencies from the Register itself to regional consortia and independent fostering agencies across the UK. Go to the Register to find out more.


Apr 2009 : Fostering Solutions - 5Outcomes

News ID: 200

We are very pleased to announce that Fostering Solutions have implemented CHL's ground-breaking 5Outcomes system Using 5Outcomes, Fostering Solutions can now easily track each child's progress against each of the Every Child Matters Five Outcomes. For more information please contact Jim Moores at CHL on 0161 237 1872 or use the contact form provided on the contact us page.


18/3/2009 : CHL assist Wigan MBC with NMDS-SC

News ID: 199

Another NMDS - SC success for CHL. Using ETC, CHL's dedicated Social Caretraining administration system, Wigan MBC have successfully uploaded their entire adult social care workforce records to NMDS - SC Online. After carefully mapping their data to the NMDS-SC requirement, over the last several weeks, Wigan MBC has now created the bulk upload files and uploaded the NMDS-SC Organisation and Employee dataset. Well done everyone at Wigan and CHL. Whether you are a user of ETC or not CHL can convert your staff data to the required format for the bulk upload files.

Using Skils for Care's bulk upload tool you can then meet the requirements of NMDS-SC in no time at all. For more information ring CHL on 0161 237 1872 and aks for Jim Moores.


7/3/2009 - Rochdale Adults : NMDS-SC

News ID: 198

We are very pleased to announce that as at 7 March 2009 Rochdale MBC have successfully uploaded their entire Adults dataset to NMDS - SC Online. After considerable effort to get the data compliant with the NMDS-SC we are thrilled to have achieved complete data upload. Special mention must be made of Carol Glover and Ryan Stanisland of Rochdale MBC and Diane Hamilton of CHL who have worked tirelessly to keep Rochdale MBC in the vanguard of NMDS-SC compliance. Jim Moores, CHL's MD said : "What an achievement. Over the last couple of months in particular Rochdale MBC's staff development team and CHL's NMDS-SC experts have, bit by bit, mapped the entire set of Adults Services staff records to the NMDS-SC requirement. The end result, achieved on 7/3/2009, has been a complete data upload using the bulk upload tool. Excellent work."