April 2008 - CHL's FiveOutcomes system goes live

News ID: 171

After a full year of development, CHL's unique, electronic, easy-to-use system is ready for use. Finally there is a simple way to monitor and report upon soft outcomes. can link to any existing Children’s records and allow professionals to record achievements. Using a simple scoring system, CHL's program uses existing data to monitor progress for every looked after young person. maintains a complete history of achievements. can then demonstrate, visually, what progress has been made: For more information contact CHL on 0870 112 0421 and ask for Jim Moores or email info@chl-systems.co.uk. You can also download the 5outcomes information sheet. So far reaction to the system has been incredible. The Every Child Matters green paper identified the five outcomes that are most important to children and young people: ·&&& Be healthy ·&&& Stay safe ·&&& Enjoy and achieve ·&&&ake a positive contribution ·&&& Every Child Matters: Change for Children is a new approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to age 19.For more information just ring 0161 237 1872 and ask fro Jim Moores.


April 2008 - RBLI go live with ASSET Online

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CHL is pleased to announce that Royal British Legion Industrieshave gone live with ASSET. For more information about ASSET or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0161 237 1872.


March 2008 - Hillcrest Fostercare purchase CHARMS

News ID: 172

Great news, Hillcrest Fostercare have signed up for CHARMS. The independent fostering community is growing rapidly and Hillcrest Fostercare recognised that CHARMS is the database system to help manage care and children records. CHARMS-Pay, the integrated finance module, has been developed to support every aspect of care payments and local authority invoicing. For more information please contact CHL on 0161 237 1872 or use the contact form provided on the contact us page.


Jan 2008 - NMDS-SC Consultation Excerise

News ID: 169

Deadline : 18th February 2008. The NMDS-SC is moving rapidly ahead and Skills for Care are inviting providers to complete an online questionnaire about the "bulk upload tool" which has been devised to simplify the process of recording information in NMDS-SC Online. All adult care providers are encouraged to go to http://www.nmds-sc-online.org.uk/news/Default.aspxwhere you will find the consultation questionnaire and supporting information. It is good news for everyone. Skills for Care have said : “Skills for Care is directly contacting all Local Authorities and large (>250 employees) private and voluntary sector employers via letter to inform them of the consultation and to encourage participation. Note, however, that any employer, regardless of size, who wishes to benefit from using the Bulk Upload Tool, is welcome to do so and Skills for Care therefore encourages also smaller employers to participate in the consultation. “ So, no matter what size of organisation you are, if you provide care to adults you may participate in the consultation and, with CHL's help, you can take advantage of the "bulk upload tool". CHL has already begun work on creating the data files (from WAN, ETC and EMS) required for the "bulk upload tool" and we are 100% confident that as soon as the facility is live our customers will be able to use the tool. If you would like to talk to us about any of this please ring 0870 112 0421 and ask for Jim Moores or email info@chl-systems.co.uk.


Dec 2007 - AQAA built in to WAN and EMS

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CHL has completed work to extract data from it's EMS (Establishment Management System) and WAN (Workforce ANalysis System) directly into CSCI's AQAA forms. On the click of a single button the AQAA form is opened and key information is extracted automatically from your database. Completing your AQAA could not be easier and as your information changes - number of staff, employment status, clients supported; staff who have left etc. - so AQAA is updated automatically. For more information contact CHL on 0161 237 1872 or use the contact form provided on the contact us page.


November 2007 - CLC have no Complaints

News ID: 166

CHL is pleased to announce the purchase of CMS (Complaints Management System) by the Council for Licenced Conveyancers (CLC). CLC saw from our website that we have the technology and experience to help them to manage complaints. Diane Hamilton, CHL's South of England Project Manager said : "This is indeed great news and the culmination of more than 18 months of effort to perfect the CMS. Like all of CHL's systems CMS is easy to use but offers a complete solution to CLC's needs. I am looking forward to installtion next week." “CHL’s Complaints Management System has fully exceeded our expectations. They have developed a database that was specific to our own business needs. Their ongoing support has been exceptional and I look forward to working with them on other projects in the future.” Gemma Clare, Council for Licensed Conveyancers For more information or a demonstration version of CMS please contact CHL on 0870 112 0421 or email diane.hamilton@chl-systems.co.uk. To find out about the work of the CLC please go to http://www.theclc.gov.uk/about.asp


Nov 2007 - Adoption Register gets Extension

News ID: 167

We are pleased to say that CHARMS will continue to be used by the Adoption Register for England and Wales for at least another year. This ground breaking Government project, being run by the British Association for Adoption and Fostering, has been extended until 30/11/2008 while the next phase is considered. This means that CHL's CHARMS has been the "engine" behind the first national database of children requiring adoption and carers seeking to adopt for more than six years. The Adoption Register database has not suffered a single days downtime in its six and a half year history. During that time CHL has worked closely with BAAF to help find placements for those children most in need. In the last year we have also introduced a full, online system so that adoption agancies across England and Wales can refer children and carers directly into the central CHARMS database using the internet. Using a very high level of security Social Workers can login and enter a child's details as soon as they identify a need to do so. This is a rare example of a national IT project which has been entirely successful and which has been operational, 24 hours a day, every day since its inception. CHL maintains its record of robust systems backed up by the best user support to the adoption and fostering. To find out more please feel free to ring us on 0870 112 0421 or email info@chl-systems.co.uk. You can read more about the Adoption Register for England and Wales at http://www.adoptionregister.org.uk/.


October 2007 RLSB announce the purchase of ASSET

News ID: 163

Published: Monday, 10/10/2007 Reference number: 2007/5485ASSET David Arthur, Technical Employment Support Advisor , Royal London Society for the Blind is pleased to announce the purchase of ASSET – the most widely used Supported Employment database system in the UK. After careful consideration and extensive testing to confirm that ASSET worked with JAWS (the screen reader software), RLSB decided that ASSET was the best system to help manage case records for all of the people that they support. David Arthur said : " The Asset system will cover our Employment Services data requirements including the preparation of the monthly claim of our Workstep contract with Job Centre Plus. It works well with the Jaws Screen Reader that gives blind people access to the computer in the workplace. " Jim Moores, Managing Director, CHL said: ‘This is great news indeed and means that ASSET continues to increase its customer base across the UK. It is now widely recognized that ASSET works equally well across all Supported Employment provision including Workstep. It is with considerable pride that we share this announcement with RLSB – one of the most high profile and important providers of services to people with a visual impairment. We are looking forward to installing ASSET soon so that we can help reduce the burden of paperwork at RLSB and thereby free up time for frontline support. Thank you everyone at RLSB.‘ Notes for Editors : The Royal London Society for the Blind provides the highest quality education, training and employment support for blind and partially sighted children, young people and adults. http://www.rlsb.org.uk/ ---Contact--- Andy Rowell , Marketing and Communications Manager, Royal London Society for the Blind. Tel: 01732 592684. email: andy.rowell@rlsb.org.uk For over 11 years CHL’s systems have provided the information tools for thousands of staff on the front line of social care. Every day, those same staff rely on our systems to manage caseload and to evidence the services they provide to all groups of clients in the care sector. CHL has a professional team of 8 software analyst/developers with a combined 75 years of experience, supported by training staff, social care consultants and support staff who are there, every day to respond to customers’ needs. For more information please visit www.chl-systems.co.uk or call 0870 112 0421”


September 2007 - NMDS-SC Timetable

News ID: 162

CHL representatives attended NMDS-SC workshops in Bolton and London and we are pleased to be able to let you know the following timetable for implementation of NMDS-SC Online : - August 2007 - Interim Establishments can use NMDS-SC Online ( Organisations that completed NMDSSC before 31st May 2007 should have received their passwords.) - October 2007 : Organisations that have completed NMDS-SC after this date will receive their password by the end of November 2007 - January 2008 : The bulk uploader will be available for Local Authorities and large employers, - April 2008 : Full reporting capability available. It has also been made clear that ALL providers, of whatever size, will be able to use the bulk uploader. Great News! This means that every WAN user will be able to produce the data required for their NMDS-SC upload on the click of a single button. As soon as Skills for Care announce the format of the bulk upload files CHL will issue a new release of WAN through this website. If you need any advice on this matter please ring CHL on 0208 406 3834 and ask for Diane Hamilton.


August 2007 - CHARMS Payments system at FS

News ID: 160

After extensive "running in" CHARMS Pay is fully operational at Fostering Solutions North West. CHARMS Pay manages every aspect of the foster carer payments and local authority invoicing process. With the considerable input of the team at FS this major project is now complete. Special thanks go to Janet Cuffe who has patiently worked through the detailed process with CHL's ownMark Collins and between them they have reduced the staff effort from several days every month to a matter of hours. This means of course that the staff at Fostering Solutions can dedicate more time to the delivery of services to foster carers and children in their care. CHL's MD, Jim Moores said "I am very pleased with the outcome of this complex project. Fostering Solutions are an important customer with whom we have worked over the last two years and for whom CHARMS is crucial in meeting all of their data needs. CHARMS Pay is completely integrated with their main CHARMS records and data is only ever entered once. In addition, dynamic links to the Dimensions finance system mean that the whole process of carer recruitment and payment is seamless and efficient."