Aug 2008 - Kent Supported Employment get ASSET

News ID: 185

CHL is pleased to announce that Kent Supported Employment have purchased ASSET.

For more information about ASSET or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0161 237 1872.


August 2008 -Community Foster Care purchase CHARMS

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CHL is pleased to announce thatCommunity Foster Care have purchased CHARMS.

You can find out more about Community Foster Care at
For more information about CHARMS or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0161 237 1872.


August 2008 - Suffolk CC extend CHARMS

News ID: 183

CHL is pleased to announce that Suffolk County Council Fostering Service have purchased CHARMS Online

Fomany years the Adoption Service have been using CHARMS but now the Fostering Service are to also see its benefits through the innovative CHARMS Online system. Using the internet staff will be able to logon (securely)and keep carer and children records up-to-date.

For more information about CHARMS and CHARMS Onliner or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0870 112 0421.


Aug 2008 - Dorset Steppping Stones get ASSET

News ID: 193

SCN is pleased to announce that Stepping Stones - Dorset CC have purchased ASSET. For more information about ASSET or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0161 237 1872.


July 2008 - Lancs CC purchase CHARMS-Plus

News ID: 184

We are pleased to announce that Lancs CC Adults Placement, Leisure Link and Volunteers Services have purchased CHARMS-Plus - the Adults Placement Service system. CHL will host the data, securely on its dedicated server held at ZEN Internets's secure facility and all staff - with appropriate permissions - will be able to logon and keep carer and client records up-to-date. Using the internet we are now able to offer complete hosting of your data and management of CHARMS-Plus - taking all the worries about setup and maintenance away from you. CHARMS-Plus is a completely secure, web based system which allows authorised user to access client, carer and family details wherever they are. For more information or to arrange a free demonstration please ring 0161 237 1872.


June 2008 - Fostering Outcomes purchase CHARMS

News ID: 181

CHL is pleased to announce that Fostering Outcomes have purchased CHARMS. You can find out more about Fostering Outcomes at For more information about CHARMS or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0161 237 1872.


May 2008 - The Together Trust purchase CHARMS

News ID: 176

We are pleased to announce that the The Together Trust have signed up for CHARMS.

For more information please contact CHL on 0161 237 1872 or use the contact form provided on the contact us page.


MAY 2008 - ASSET geared up for Pathways To Work

News ID: 175

ASSET can help deliver Pathways to Work

CHL has been working with Supported Employment agencies for more than 10 years and more recently with dozens of Workstep providers.

Using CHL’s unique ASSET (Access System For Supported Employment and Training) those organizations can manage Client records; progress and reminders so that no key data is overlooked and no key dates are missed. ASSET automatically generates Workstep and Pathways forms and even monitors and reports upon soft outcomes.

ASSET is the foremost supported employment system developed in the UK and is now fully online. All staff, wherever they are based, can update client records, securely, as long as they have an internet connection.

In our customers own words :

“As a Workstep provider we have been using the ASSET system, and find it a very easy system to navigate. It has been really beneficial to have a system that can be used to get up to date management information instantly. When required, a very helpful support service is available which is most appreciated.”
Gill Collins from Lancashire County Council

“I would highly recommend CHL and ASSET. The beauty of ASSET is that CHL have the ability to tailor the software to incorporate any ideas or suggestions you may have so it can be adjusted to exactly meet your requirements.
ASSET is extremely user friendly and has a wealth of options to improve statistical reporting within an organisation. It has made the administration of our JC+ contract (Workstep) much simpler and we now find that the figures we are producing are reliable and consistent.
The support that CHL offer for ASSET is exceptional. They deal with any issues promptly and happily offer advice even if it is for something basic and just us being thick! I would recommend them without hesitation.”
Karen Geddes of Shelforce, Birmingham

“ASSET Online enabled Meridian East staff, who were conducting outreach work across a wide area, to access all their client details from any web-accessible computer, without the need to install expensive additional computer networks. It meant that Meridian East could give all staff immediate access to the information they needed to provide and monitor an effective service.”
Rebecca Marr , Meridian East “

For more information, or to arrange a free demonstration, contact Mike Barlow, ASSET Project Manager on 0870 112 0421 or email
Pathways to Work has been developed to provide greater support to help people claiming incapacity benefits back into or closer to the labour market. Visit Job Centre Plus to find out more.


May 2008 - CHL's first customer In Australia - VOC

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Monday, 05/05/2008
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May 2008 : VOCAL NSW, CHL’s first Australian site.

Taryn Stubbs (B Psych), Victim Support Specialist, Victims of Crime Assistance League, New South Wales is delighted to announce that they are now up and running with CHL’s Victim Referral System (CVRS).

After a very detailed assessment of the CVRS trial version VOCAL confirmed that CVRS would meet all of their needs and, with some enthusiasm, made the decision to proceed. Clearly, operating across two hemispheres made the process a bit more interesting but the management team at VOCAL were nonetheless convinced that CVRS was the way forward.

Taryn Stubbs said :
It is with confidence that we make the decision to go with CVRS. Our dealings with CHL have been positive, constructive and friendly. CHL were able to modify the CVRS and individualise the system to suit our service. We are very excited about the use of CVRS and about the relationship we have already established with CHL."

Jim Moores, Managing Director, CHL said:
‘CVRS has been developed in the UK for Greater Manchester and Northumbria Victim Support and it was apparent, from an early stage of discussions with VOCAL, that it was also very close to their needs. CHL is able to offer a high degree of flexibility and has made some adjustments for VOCAL as well as importing all of their data from VOCAL’s existing database. I am really pleased that VOCAL have chosen CVRS. Taryn has liaised very closely with myself and Tony France – the lead developer at CHL – and we are confident that it will do the job from day one. It has been a most enjoyable experience and we are all looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.‘

Notes for Editors :

The Victims of Crime Assistance League Inc NSW (VOCAL) is a not-for-profit charitable organisation based in Newcastle in the Hunter Region of NSW, Australia. VOCAL is ‘generalist’ support service for people who have suffered as a result of violent crime and similar tragedy. The victims, their families, their friends, and the broader community.
Any victim, any crime, any stage.
Taryn Stubbs (B Psych), Victim Support Specialist, Victims of Crime Assistance League, 3 Market Street (PO Box 1193), Newcastle, NSW, Australia, 2300
TEL : +61 (0)2 4926 5826
FAX : +61 (0)2 4926 5866

For over 11 years CHL’s systems have provided the information tools for thousands of staff on the front line of social care. Every day, those same staff rely on our systems to manage caseload and to evidence the services they provide to all groups of clients in the care sector.

CHL has a professional team of 8 software analyst/developers with a combined 100 years of experience, supported by training staff, social care consultants and support staff who are there, every day to respond to customers’ needs.
For more information please visit or call 0870 112 0421


April 2008 - CHL's NMDS-SC collation tool

News ID: 170

Skills for Carehaveissued the final version of the specification forthe "bulk upload tool" which has been devised to simplify the process of recording information in NMDS-SC Online. All care providers are encouraged to go to you will find the specification along with guidance documents.. We are pleased to annouce that CHL's WAN and ETC systems now have an optional module which, on the click of a button, produce the data files for upload to NMDS-SC online. Existing WAN users may apply for a free upgrade by calling 0161 237 1872, or by using the Contact page on this website. If you would like to talk to us about any of this please ring 0161 237 1872 and ask for Jim Moores or email