CHARMS - Education and Welfare

Core Functionality Overview - CHARMS™

Student Records Management

CHARMS holds all the information on students and their activities. Progress is recorded and can be shared, securely, with parents/carers who can provide feedback and digitally verify that they have read the progress items.

Teacher Support and Two-Way Communication

Instead of the traditional paper or Word/PDF forms CHARMS allows teachers to keep in touch with parents/carers easily and securely. No more emails or papers – the teacher can record an update knowing that the parents/carers can access it instantly.

Secure Parent/Carer Login (Free of charge, unlimited access!)

Parents and carers have their own portal to login to and record progress and to complete their daily records which can then be digitally verified by the teacher securely.

Parents/carers can also post questions in a safe environment and without fear of sensitive information or conversation going astray. Teachers can digitally verify all communications and can respond, safely. NO papers are exchanged and NO emails are sent.


Teachers can initiate “conversations” with parents/carers and at the end of the realtime chat the teacher can save the whole conversation to the parent/carer case record.

Secure Student Login (Free of charge, unlimited access!)

Students may share information and ask questions, record thoughts and issues. Homework can be completed online securely and quickly using their own, secure CHARMS YP Login. Students are also encouraged to record things manually, on paper, and they can take pictures of those papers and upload them in to CHARMS.

Secure, Encrypted Email Portal

All files/reports from CHARMS may be shared with third parties securely using 2 stage login. No expensive email sharing systems required. The CHARMS Portal is free for everyone.

Secure Ofsted Inspector Access

Inspectors may be given a dedicated user account to enable them to login and look in detail at case files.

Voice To Text

Teachers and parents/carers can use the built-in voice to text feature to dictate notes and share them with each other.

Auto Email of Key Events

CHARMS allows all actions to be set up so that when recorded an auto email can be sent to designated people. NO sensitive data/information is sent in the email - just a simple alert to login to CHARMS to see key tasks/events allocated to the recipient.

OMG - Online Mail Grabber

A unique facility to "grab" emails from any email client and save them to the carer, child or staff members' case files.


Individual or grouped text messages may be sent to carers and staff and the details are stored in each individual case file.


all regulatory reports can be generated. All customers can ask for new reports at any time and they are built free of charge.