Feb 2009 : Wigan MBC - ETC Borough wide rollout

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CHL is pleased to announce that Wigan MBC is to roll out ETC to all Departments of the Council. From 1/4/2009 all training administration will be managed using ETC and, for the first time, ever,staff will be able to view upcoming training courses through ETC Online. Line Managers will also soon have the opportunity to record personal Review and Development Plans directly into ETC through ETC Online. Social Care staff data is also being prepared so that, on the click of a button, ETC may generatethe NMDS-SC bulk upload files. The NMDS-SC gathers information about the social care sector. It has been designed to gather information about services and information about the social care workforce. For more information please go to NMDS-SC Online. For more information or for a free demonstration of ETC please ring our office on 0870 112 0421 or email info@chl-systems.co.uk.


Feb 2009 - Fostering Solutions to get Five Outcome

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We are pleased to announce that Fostering Solutions have placed an order for CHL's unique FiveOutcomes system. No doubt you are giving some serious thought as to how you can measure achievements against the Every Child Matters, Five Outcomes.
CHL may be able to help you. We have launched a unique FiveOutcomes system which can link to any existing Children’s data and evidence exactly what achievements have been made..

FiveOutcomes then produces a chart showing “progression” based on the score applied to each achievement. CHL's FiveOutcomes system incorporates all of the Individual Tracker "Desired Outcomes" defined in the "National Framework Contract for Independent Fostering Agency placements"
FiveOutcomes stores a complete audit of the process so that the user could look back over the whole period that the young person is looked after.

So far reaction to the system has been incredible.

For more information contact CHL on 0870 112 0421 and ask for Jim Moores or email info@chl-systems.co.uk

The Every Child Matters green paper identified the five outcomes that are most important to children and young people:
Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and achieve
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well-being
Every Child Matters:Change for Children is a new approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to age 19. Download the CHL, Five Outcomes, information sheet


Feb 2009 - ETC to help deliver NMDS-SC

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How CHL can help you with your NMDS requirements; ETC - A comprehensive Enrolment, Training & Certification system

- Are you wrestling with your HR system to extract the National Minimum Data Set –Social Care (NMDS – SC©Skills for Care)?
- Do you have a clear timetable for production of the NMDS-SC bulk upload files?
- Is your staff data NMDS-SC compliant?
- Are you finding it easy getting full Organisation and Employee data from the independent sector?

If your answer to any of these questions is "No" then you may be interested in what CHL has been doing to help a number of Local Authorities to prepare for the upload of their NMDS-SC data files.

We are currently working with three such Authorities to help with:

- a complete data audit to establish where the gaps are;
- a data extraction exercise, to collate all staff records from the local HR system and import them into CHL's unique, NMDS-SC bulk upload creator called ETC;
- rationalisation of data to eliminate duplicate and old records;
- data mapping to ensure that all data complies with the standard lookup lists (job roles, qualifications, service types, leaving reasons and others);
- generation of the bulk upload files for transfer into NMDS-SC online.

“The NMDS-SC project has been simplified thanks to the input from CHL. The work that they have done to prepare ETC with our data for the bulk upload tool, means that we are on target to complete NMDS-SC - full Organisation and Employee data - during the next month. Without the support and expertise from CHL, we would have had to employ a full-time person to undertake the task".
Carol Glover, Social Care Learning & Development Service, Rochdale MBC - January 2009

At CHL we have more than a decade of hands-on experience helping local authorities to manage workforce development and provide key performance indicators in the form of SSDS001, DIS – and now, of course, NMDS-SC. What is the NMDS-SC?
The National Minimum Date Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) gathers information about the social care sector. It has been designed to gather information about services and information about the social care workforce. For more information goto Skills for Care.

At the heart of what we do is ETC, CHL's widely acclaimed training administration and workforce development system. With ETC we are confident that you can manage every aspect of staff development - and ETC can now deliver NMDS-SC, on the click of a button.

For more information, or to arrange a free demonstration of ETC at your workplace please contact CHL on 0870 112 0421 and ask for Jim Moores or email jim.moores@chl-systems.co.uk.


Nov 2008 : Acclaim for CVRS in Australia

News ID: 192

Exciting news for all the team at CHL - we have our first site in Australia. Over the last twelve months we have been working closely with VOCAL (Victims of Crime Assistance League), NSW to get them up and running with CVRS (CHL's Victim Referral System). Originally developed for Stockport Victim Support, it is now helping victims of crime on both hemispheres. In the words of Taryn from VOCAL : "We have formed an International partnership with CHL, a UK company who designed our new victim support database. Now up & running, the system makes it much easier for us to track &identify systemic issues encountered by victims of crime. We are extremely grateful to Jim Moores &Tony France from CHL for their generous support & patience." To find out more about VOCAL visit their website at http://www.vocal.org.au/. If you would like to find out more about CVRS please ring CHL on +44 (0)870 112 0421. Regards Jim Moores (MD)


November 2008 - CANW purchase CHARMS

News ID: 190

CHL is pleased to announce that Child Action North West have signed up for CHARMS. Installation and training will take place in December 2008. For more information or to arrange a free demonstration of CHARMS please ring us on 0161 237 1872.


Nov 2008-CHARMS Online celebrates its 1,000th user

News ID: 191

CHL is pleased to announce that CHARMS Online now has more than 1,000 registered users. Developed for Adoption 22 - the ground breaking collaboration of all adoption agencies in the North West of England - CHARMS Online offers, secure, rapid access to children and carer records. No more Forms E and F in the post - users may logon to CHARMS Online and safely view records. The Adoption Register for England and Wales went live with CHARMS Online in April 2007, allowing adoption social workers from across the UK to submit details of children and families. Indpendent fostering agencies including Fostering Outcomes and Hillcrest Fostercare are also seeing the huge benefits of having timely, safe access to their carer and children records using CHARMS Online. For more information or to arrange a free demonstration please ring 0870 112 0421 and ask for Joyce.


Oct 2008 - CHARMS - National Fostering Contract

News ID: 189

CHARMS and the “National contract for placement of children in foster care” – released October 2008

Great news for you! - on the click of a button all of the Indicators in Schedule 2 will be completed directly from CHARMS. Though the documents have only just been released, we at CHL have been preparing for that release - and, straightaway, CHARMS is ready to deliver. CHARMS also, on the click of a button, completes the Individual Fostering Agreement (IFA) for the child in placement.


Sep 2008 - BASE Conference 2008 - ASSET success

News ID: 188

We are pleased to announce yet another hugely successful BASE Conference for CHL and ASSET. The 2008 conference was held over two days - 10th and 11th September 2008 - at Northumbria University's brand new East Campus. Many of our existing ASSET users took the opportunity to chat to us about booking more training for new staffor purchasing ASSET Online. Potential new customers literally queued up to get an informal demonstration of ASSET and the reaction was universally positive. ASSET now has some 70+ customer sites around the UK - from Elgin to Bournemouth - and since 2004 ASSETOnline has been implemented for Meridian East (Norfolk), Oldham TiE (Training into Employment), Lancashire County Council, Royal British Legion Industries, Dorset enterprises (Bournemouth Borough Council) and Dorset County Council. ASSET is the most widely used Supported Employment software in the UK. For more information you may download the latest ASSET Newsletter or you can ring us on 0870 112 0421. If you would like a free ASSET demonstration in your own offices please also feel free to ring us on 0870 112 0421 and ask for Karen or Christine.


Sep 2008 - Gloucestershire First get ASSET

News ID: 186

CHL is pleased to announce thatGloucestershire First have purchased ASSET.

You can find out more about Gloucestershire First at http://www.glosfirst.co.uk/

For more information about ASSET or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0161 237 1872.


Sep 2008 - Visit London get CMS

News ID: 187

CHL is pleased to announce that Visit London have purchased CMS.

You can find out more about Visit London at http://www.visitlondon.com/
For more information aboutCMS (Complaints Management System)or to arrange a free demonstration at your offices please ring 0870 112 0421.