Jan 2014 : Fostering Relations get CHARMS

We are very pleased to announce that Fostering Relations are now part of the CHARMS community. The project has begun and everyone is excited.


Mar 2014 : Ideal Fostering are getting CHARMS

Fantastic news! Ideal Fostering have chosen CHARMS above all other systems available to the fostering community. As with every implementation, the Business Analysis Day is booked and we are all looking forward to helping Ideal Fostering to get the most out of CHARMS. Ideal Fostering (IF) is an Independent Fostering Agency, based in the heart of Birmingham, providing family based high quality care for Children and Young People. IF is dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for looked after children. IF is committed and focused on the placement needs of children and young people. Thank you to everyone at Ideal Fostering for putting your trust in CHARMS. Jim Moores, MD


Mar 2014 : Ethelbert Fostering Services go with CHARMS

Great news, Ethelbert Fostering Services has decided that CHARMS is the system for them. We are very pleased that CHARMS has been seen, yet again, as the best system to use in the fostering community. Our thanks go to all the team at Ethelbert for deciding to work with CHARMS. Half of all independent fostering agencies in the UK now use CHARMS and we are working very hard to make sure that it meets the current and changing needs of the community. Jim Moores, MD


Mar 2014 : Coram Adoption Services are going with CHARMS

Great news, Coram Adoption Services have agreed to go with CHARMS. The process of implementation starts now and we are very much looking forward to helping Coram with CHARMS. Jim Moores, MD. Social Care Network


Feb 2014 : Ryancare are getting CHARMS

We are pleased to announce thatRyancare aregetting CHARMS. The Business Analysis has begun and the project is well underway. We can't wait to get CHARMS up and running for the benefit of all at Ryancare, Jim Moores Social Care Network


Feb 2014 : Next Step Fostering are to get CHARMS

We are pleased to announce that Next Step Fostering are now a CHARMS customer. The Business Analysis has begun and the project is well underway. Just a quick thank you to all at Next Step Fostering, Jim Moores Social Care Network


Mar 2014 : The CHARMS Learning Community is launched

CHARMS is now the software of choice for more than half of the independent fostering sector and Local Authorities are signing up at the rate of one a month. At our inaugural conference in November it became clear that there was a demand for greater support for users in the form of training and professional development. As a result we launched SCN Training at the beginning


Feb 2014 : Report highlights data protection challenges for fostering and adoption agencies

This month (February 2014) the Office of the Information Commissioner published a report highlighting the issues faced by adoption and fostering agencies in keeping sensitive data. We held our inaugural conference on 27th November 2013 and its theme was "Keeping Your Fostering Records Safe". Speakers included the Office of the Information Commissioner, NAFP, Fostering Network and BAAF. CHARMS is the mostly widely used system in the adoption and fostering community in the UK and Ireland and we work tirelessly at SCN to keep all data safe and to help frontline staff to manage information securely. For more information on how CHARMS can help your agency please ring 0161 237 1872 and ask for Jim Moores.


Jan 2014 : UK Fostering is Outstanding say Ofsted

Congratulations to Urs and the team at UK Fostering. Following their Ofsted inspection on 25/11/2013 they have been given an Outstanding rating. Some quotes from the inspector : "The progress of each child and young person is measured and charted against their goals and is reflected in detailed monthly reports." "Outcomes for children and young people are monitored and recorded. Where foster carers and supervising social workers identify that outcomes are not progressing or achieved, additional support is provided. The management has ensured that staff and foster carers recruited by the agency have access to all of the managers. There is a comprehensive induction and training programme for staff and foster carers that ensures that they become familiar with the agency’s policies, procedures and working practices. This, as well as an effective quality assurance and monitoring system, has enabled the agency to operate without compromise which ensures the quality of the service provided by the agency is excellent." "Effective systems built into the data base, provide the basis for excellent monitoring and ensure that any difficulties arising within a placement are identified early and additional support provided." "Specific monitoring systems ensure that managers are regularly provided with information on the well-being of individual children and young people." From the day of their initial registration UK Fostering have been an enthusiastic CHARMS user and recognised how CHARMS could help to keep records accurately and safely. Well done to all concerned. Jim Moores, MD, SCN


Nov 2013: Charms Inaugural Conference a great success!

CHARMS Conference 2013 27th November 2013 : Britannia Hotel, Nottingham "CHARMS – Keeping Fostering Records Safe" A fantastic turnout – over 100 people from the fostering community. Great speakers, good food and lively discussions. A heartfelt thank you to speakers, delegates, colleagues at SCN and staff at the Britannia Hotel who all contributed to a great day.