Jan 2015 : Moments Fostering are Good say Ofsted

Well done to our friends at Moments Fostering.
Their Ofsted inspection report of 1/1/2015 said they are overall Good with Outstanding elements.
I hope that the excellent use they make of CHARMS helped in some small way.
The inspector said :
"Their knowledge is supported through dedicated use of an online system that centrally records information from carers, staff and managers in one place. This helps to track progress and outcomes for children and young people.
Rigorous and effective monitoring of the service is aided by comprehensive use of a recognised online information system. This is used by carers and staff alike to record all aspects of the agency’s work and to track the individual progress of children and young people. By providing all with relevant access, information is shared more effectively and efficiently. For example, supervising social workers are able to review daily records completed by foster carers in advance of supervision visits. This helps them to maintain awareness of significant developments and to support carers appropriately. Records of supervision visits can be accessed by foster carers as soon as they are completed. This enables foster carers to be clear about advice or direction given to them by supervising social workers during visits. Leaders and managers have close links with the software manufacturer and are able to influence positive changes in the system. All users have access to technical support to assist when problems occur."
Well done again - and thanks for mentioning our great relationship Dan.
Jim Moores, MD, SCN


Aug 2014 : Serenity Homes sign up with CHARMS

More great news as Serenity Homes, a leading residential care and fostering provider for children, sign up with CHARMS.
We are very pleased that the team at Serenity Homes saw that CHARMS, from SCN, can provide the complete solution for their case management needs.
Thank you and we look forward to working together over the coming years.


Jan 2015 : SCN is a Living Wage Employer

We are pleased to say that Social Care Network is Living Wage Employer.
Along with just over 1,000 companies in the UK SCN can display the Living Wage Foundation logo because all staff over 21 are paid the Living Wage (£7.85 per hour) or higher.


Jul 2014 : Welcome to Help Me Grow Fostering

We are delighted that Help Me Grow Fostering have chosen CHARMS, the market leading system for fostering, adoption and residential care in the UK. "HMG Fostering Agency prides itself on being able to offer a service via our enhanced foster carers who have been trained in Attachment theory, Brain Based Parenting Style, Neuroscience and Games for New Families based on the ‘Theraplay’ Model. In addition to this our foster carers have been trained to complete Life Story Books for the children in their care to a high standard. Our carers are aware that their role is to help promote each child’s emotional wellbeing and will use every opportunity to offer a child a nurturing environment. Each foster carer will work closely with the professionals involved and help the child to prepare for their individual Care Plan whilst keeping the child’s best interest central to all the work undertaken."


Aug 2014 : Adoption Focus are having CHARMS

After careful consideration Adoption Focus have made the decision to switch to CHARMS from their existing systems.
More than 20 voluntary adoption agencies now have CHARMS making it far and away the market leader.
We, at SCN, are very pleased with the decision to go with CHARMS and we looked forward to many years working with Adoption Focus.


Aug 2014 : Great news, Fosterplus are having CHARMS

The year gets better with Fosterplus announcing CHARMS as their preferred system. Providing foster placements in Scotland and England, Fosterplus are a leading provider and we are really pleased that they have chosen CHARMS. The project is underway and CHARMS is being populated with data from their existing system. Jim Moores, MD, SCN


Sep 2014 : Intercountry Adoption Centre choose CHARMS

The leading provider of intercountry placements of children for adoption with UK families has decided to go with CHARMS. More than two thirds of all voluntary adoption agencies now use CHARMS and ICAC will be an important member of the CHARMS Community. We are all keen to get stuck in and make the transition from paper files as easy as possible. Jim Moores, MD, SCN


Oct 2014 : The Serendipity Centre are having CHARMS

After a brilliant meeting with Sue and the gang at Serendipity it was quickly agreed that CHARMS is the only way to go to manage their children's residential service. Thanks Sue, for making me and Chris welcome. We will see you in January to get everything moving. Woohoo! Jim Moores, MD, SCN


Dec 2014 : Welcome Sankofa Care to the CHARMS Community

More great news, Sankofa Care, a leading foster care and residential care provider, have decided to go with CHARMS. "The philosophy of Sankofa Care is to develop and provide care services which are required by authorities in line with their development and strategic plans. We aim to deliver the best outcomes possible for all service users and young people and to realise individuals aspirations and choices wherever possible." Thank you Olivia and the team for putting your faith in CHARMS. Jim Moores, MD, SCN


Nov 2014 : Family Care Associates are getting CHARMS

Family Care Associates have now signed up with CHARMS. Following detailed analysis of all available Family Care Associates decided that CHARMS was the system for them. Jim Moores, MD at SCN, said : "I am really pleased that this important provider of support to young people has decided that CHARMS is the best system available. I am looking forward to many years of mutually beneficial activity."