New CHARMS™ Customer - Shine Fostering

News ID: 632

Welcome to our newest customer, Shine Fostering!
Based in South Woodford, East London, Shine are an independent fostering agency set up with the belief that 'children in care deserve the very best and to feel good about their experience of foster care'. We couldn't agree more.
For more information on the work Shine do, check out their website:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Credo Care

News ID: 631

Social Care Network are proud to now be working with Credo Care, an independent fostering provider specialising in the care of children with disabilities, complex medical needs and learning difficulties.
To find out more about the services that Credo Care provide, please take a look at their website:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Sure Start Fostering Agency

News ID: 630

Social Care Network are excited to be working with Sure Start Fostering Agency, a new and growing independent fostering agency based in Ilford, East London.
To find out more about Sure Start, please check out their website


New CHARMS™ Customer - Integrity Lifestyle Limited

News ID: 645

A warm welcome to Integrity Lifestyle Limited as the newest agency to join the CHARMS™ community!
We are looking forward to a long and mutually productive relationship and we would like to thank you again for choosing CHARMS™


New CHARMS™ Customer - Compass Child & Family Services

News ID: 629

A warm welcome to new CHARMS™ customer Compass Child & Family Services!
County Clare based Compass CFS is a charity offering out of home care arrangements for children in the care of the Irish State.
Fore more information about the work Compass do, please take a look at their website


New CHARMS™ Customer - Worcestershire Shared Lives

News ID: 628

Social Care Network are proud to now be working with Worcestershire Shared Lives! In their own words, here's a little bit about what they do:
'Shared Lives offers people the opportunity to stay in a family home, with trained Shared Lives Providers, who have been carefully matched to ensure that people have the best opportunities possible.
Often described as being “a bit like foster care for adults”, Shared Lives supports people to develop new skills, enjoy living in a local community, and maintain their independence and sense of identity.'
To find out more about the fantastic service Shared Lives provide, head over to their website:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Adoption South East

News ID: 627

Welcome to new CHARMS™ customer Adoption South East!
Adoption South East are a partnership of councils (East Sussex, West Sussex, Brighton & Hove, and Surrey) working together to make the adoption process quicker and simpler.
Read more about Adoption South East and the work they do over on their website,


New CHARMS™ Customer - Amity Fostering

News ID: 626

Southend-on- Sea based Amity Fostering describe themselves as "a small fostering agency with a family feel" whose mission is "to give back foster children & young people the opportunities they have missed".
We're looking forward to working with the team at Amity and helping them get the most out of using CHARMS™.


New CHARMS™ Customer - Royal Society for Blind Children

News ID: 625

We're thrilled to be working with the Royal Society for Blind Children; a national charity providing support, learning and development opportunities to blind and partially sighted children and young people.
We know CHARMS™ will be a great tool for the RSBC, providing them with a secure system to aid in the amazing work they do - You can read more about how they help blind and partially sighted children and young people, and their families, over on their website


New CHARMS™ Customer - Daffodils Fostering

News ID: 644

Welcome to our newest customer, Daffodils Fostering!
Daffodils - named after the flower "because it symbolises rebirth and new beginnings" - is an independent fostering agency based in London.
To learn about the services that Daffodils Fostering provide, please take a look at their website: