New CHARMS™ Customer - The Purple Elephant Project

News ID: 659

A warm welcome to our newest CHARMS™ customer, The Purple Elephant Project!
The Purple Elephant Project is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation offering a professional standard of expertise through subsidised outreach services in Richmond and Hounslow schools, and therapy services at their specially designed centre in Twickenham.
"The Purple Elephant Project provides support for children and their families affected by attachment, developmental trauma or life experiences. Through specialist therapeutic services such as Play Therapy, we work to transform lives; enabling children to reach their full potential and a brighter future."
To find out more about the various services The Purple Elephant Project offer please visit their website:


CHARMS™ Education Moments - Outcomes Tracker - Part 2 - Editing a Recording

News ID: 655

In this second video of three on the CHARMS™ Outcomes Tracker, we now show you how to record an assessment for the first time…


CHARMS™ Education Moments - Outcomes Tracker - Part 1 - Layout and Navigation

News ID: 653

In the first of three videos focusing on the CHARMS™ Outcomes Tracker, we begin by exploring the layout of this feature..


New CHARMS™ Customer - Shared Care Services Ltd

News ID: 650

Welcome to our newest CHARMS™ customer, Shared Care Services Ltd, a specialist care agency working in partnership with the London Boroughs of Hackney, Havering, Islington, Newham, Redbridge, Southwark, Waltham Forest, and West Sussex Council.
'Shared Care Services is an organisation formed to imagine brilliant care ideas by working in partnership and providing support staff and carers of the highest quality to support special needs children.'
To find out more about the various services Shared Care offer please visit their website,


CHARMS™ Education Moments - Mail Merge

News ID: 640

Are you using Mail Merge in CHARMS™? In our new video we take a look at this time-saving feature and how it can help you when creating letters or documents for your records...


CHARMS™ Customer Newsletter - December 2021

News ID: 641

Our final CHARMS™ customer newsletter of 2021 is available to read now:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Avanti Fostering

News ID: 649

Social Care Network are proud to now be working with Avanti Fostering, an independent fostering provider based in Stanmore, Greater London.
'At Avanti Fostering, we believe that all children deserve a safe and loving home. We work tirelessly to make this happen by finding the right foster family for each child.'
To find out more about Avanti, please visit their website,


New CHARMS™ Customer - Moxie Consultancy

News ID: 647

A warm welcome to newest CHARMS™ customer, Moxie Consultancy!
Moxie's vision is 'to create better quality services for children and adults through community businesses'.
To find out more about the work Moxie Consultancy do, please visit their website:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Britannia Fostering

News ID: 646

Welcome to new CHARMS™ customer Britannia Fostering!
Britannia Fostering are an independent fostering agency based in Ilford, Essex.
"At Britannia, everything we do centres around providing the best possible experience for the children in our care. We never forget that each child is an individual, with their own specific needs. This is why we at Britannia Fostering Agency is committed to striving for new and improved ways to provide exemplary care for our children and young people."
Read more about Britannia and the work they do over on their website,


New CHARMS™ Customer - Aspire Wellbeing

News ID: 639

Social Care Network are proud to now be working with Aspire Wellbeing, a community for adults with physical, sensory, or learning difficulties, offering a wide range of services to promote health, independence and wellbeing for individuals and those close to them.
For more information on Aspire Wellbeing please visit their website: