A Review of IT Systems for Regional Adoption Agencies

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In March this year a report, https://lnkd.in/e-P6e3ce, was issued reviewing the recent changes in the Adoption community. Particularly, this was in respect of the regionalisation program. Here is a link to our response to the comments on the IT challenges the community still faces today…


CHARMS™ Customer Newsletter - August 2022

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 The August issue of our CHARMS™ customer newsletter is available to read online now:


Customer Feedback

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A big thank you to Karen Bennett at Sefton New Directions for her positive feedback on the support and training our team provided during the implementation of CHARMS™:
'I would like to thank you all for your support with the implementation. It was overwhelming at the start for us transferring from paper files to Charms but you have all been amazing, supporting us through the transition, always making us feel like nothing was too much trouble. I would also like to add the training has been excellent too not only for the Shared Lives team but also for the Shared Lives carers who were nervous at the start with the transfer but after they received the training they were happy and eager to get started. Once again thank you.'


CHARMS™ Customer Newsletter - July 2022

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The July issue of our CHARMS™ customer newsletter is available to read online now:


CHARMS™ Customer Newsletter - June 2022

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The June issue of our CHARMS™ customer newsletter is available to read online now:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Sportfit Support

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A warm welcome to our newest CHARMS™ customer, Sportfit Support!
In their own words, Sportfit are 'dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young people with behavioural issues and unique situations', offering 'high-end support to 16-19 year old young people to allow them, and their families, to take a break'.
To read more about the services Sportfit offer, please check out their website https://sportfitsupport.co.uk/


New CHARMS™ Customer - Imagine Care

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Welcome to new CHARMS™ customer Imagine Care!
Imagine Care offers therapeutic residential care and education services for children and young people who have experienced trauma and neglect.
Find out more about Imagine Care and the work they do over on their website: https://www.imaginecare.co.uk/


CHARMS™ Customer Newsletter - May 2022

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The May issue of our CHARMS™ customer newsletter is available to read online now:


New CHARMS™ Customer - Zone Central

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Welcome to new CHARMS™ customer Zone Central!
"Zone Central are committed to providing family-centred outstanding care and support to children and young people with Autism spectrum diagnoses, learning disabilities & physical disabilities living within London boroughs and the Greater London area. Zone Central creates a bespoke service central to the needs of the family, whether that is through our CQC registered services, providing family and home based support and intervention, our Ofsted registered short break facilities, our community based programmes supported by a day centre, holiday schemes or our Ofsted registered longer term residential homes."


CHARMS™ To End Internet Explorer Support

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On the 15th of June 2022 Microsoft are officially retiring Internet Explorer. From this date, Microsoft will no longer support the browser, which means no more security fixes for any vulnerabilities that may be found in the future.
CHARMS™ support for Internet Explorer will also end on this date as we can't guarantee the safety of customer data if users are accessing the web application via an unsupported browser.
CHARMS™ will work with all modern Chromium based browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Samsung Internet, Amazon Silk), Firefox and Apple's Safari browser.
If you have any applications outside of CHARMS™ that don't work well with other browsers, Microsoft have built in an "IE Mode" to Microsoft Edge. This should function like the "Compatibility Mode" used to in Internet Explorer, forcing the browser to imitate the behaviour of older versions.